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Whatever matters to our users, matters to us. Diyos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ("We" or "Us") respects users' Data Privacy and their right to know how we collect, use, share and protect their PersonalInformation. We may update this Privacy Policy at any time when necessary, so make sure you check this page frequently.

Collected Information and Usage

We may collect Personally Identifiable Information and personally unidentifiable information from you across our Website and the software products and services we own and offer you.

By using this Site, you are agreeing with our Privacy Policy and how we use and share your Personal Data (in accordance with the law). Diyos Infotech collects the Information from our users or visitors when they willingly provide us their Data for better services or register with us. This data, which we may collect when provided voluntarily, includes name, email address, phone number, and location).

We may use such Collected Information to improve our services, products, and services. We may also use it for marketing and advertising in accordance with this Privacy Policy. By using this Website, our services, or products, you are accepting that we may collect, use and disclose your Personal Information following these Policy terms.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text record that is stored on a user's computer for tracking the user's websiteactivity. We only use them to serve you better with personalized services and requests. Cookieshelp us understand you better and improve our performance and user experience.

We use cookies on this Site but no longer hyperlink the data stored in cookies to your identifiable Information and identify or store your details. We may only do it when we believe doing so is important to help you better with your requests.

You can delete cookies anytime and restrict cookies by visiting your browser settings. However, note that when you turn off cookies, you may not experience some of our features as our other users do.


We may ask you to share your Personal Information such as name, email address, phone number when you are making payment, seeking customer service, or interacting with us online. However, remember, whatever Information we collect from you will be safe and secure with us.

When may we share Collected Information?

Diyos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. takes utmost care of your Data Privacy. We do not disclose them publicly under any circumstances. However, we may share your Personal Information with our third-parties or corporations connected with us to help you serve you better. Note that we only share with our parties only when they agree to keep your Information confidential. We may transfer your Personal Information in case of mergers, acquisitions or reorganization of our company as a part of our transferable assets.

Data safety and security

Security breaches are unpredicted. However, we do our best to protect your Personal Information with our security measures. We perform regular checks to detect any known malware, viruses and fight or notify you if we find any. Additionally, we use SSL certificates to encrypt the data transferred between us and keep it safe from data theft.

Third-party links

Be aware that Diyos Infotech does not include third-party links. In case we link any, note that wedo not hold any control over those sites and are not responsible for their privacy policies. Read their privacy policies by visiting their websites to understand how your data is being used by them.


We may communicate with you or follow up on the email address or phone number provided by you during our interaction as permitted by law

Privacy Policy Updates

As previously mentioned, we may change or update the Privacy Policy anytime in the future whenever necessary. So, we suggest you to visit this page periodically to stay aware of our newPolicy terms.

For any queries or questions, or requests related to the Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us. You can reach out to us on the contact number or at the email address provided on our Contact Us page.