About Diyos

We develop software products for corporates and we love it.

DIYOS® – Trustworthy Market Leader

Our Mantra is to innovate, innovate and innovate. DIYOS® is passionate about providing groundbreaking, futuristic solutions to ever-changing business scenarios. Our flagship product FAME has been a market leader for more than 3 years!

Out of 250+ clients, 90% + clients have engaged us in retainership contracts. DIYOS® is humbled by the trust our clients place in us. This is indeed a position of responsibility and we at DIYOS® are keen to carry on our search for excellence. We believe that “Extraordinary customer service” is a creed, not a cliche. So, it is a part of our service contract.





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Commitment to EACH client we serve - ensuring that our clients get REAL, Tangible benefits from our product.

For the last 10 years, DIYOS® has been a market leader because we believe in quality over quantity. Our teams ensure that each client we serve gets our complete attention. Many of our clients have to manage the Facility and Security workforce dynamically and we believe that it’s our job to ensure they can focus on their core business.

Deep industry know-how and Innovations.

Innovation springs from real-world problems. Also, innovations need deep study. Ideas do not drop from heaven, they are the fruit of endless market study and on-the-ground involvement in the client’s business.

This is why even our largest client with 20,000 employees to manage is comfortable to use our product across 10 locations because they know that our products provide well thought out benefits which solve real problems.

Our R & D team is always active. For every product, there are years of business research and collaborative study. Every feature is designed to solve a specific practical problem faced by clients.

We designed FAME (our flagship product) after 2-3 years of market study. Hence, the user’s acceptance of our products is very high. Different users in the company love different aspects of our software because it speaks to their daily needs. Our solutions help our client’s staff to solve real problems related to staff recruitment, payroll and many other aspects of Facility and Security management.

Future is HERE – Meet DIYOS AI team

Brightest minds came together to create AI-based security and business applications. Fitting in your existing devices, simple to use, our AI services give you an unprecedented edge over the competition. DIYOS® is proud to present CAT-AI And Pocket FaME, our newest kids on the block.

Keeping line with our tradition of technovation, DIYOS® is happy to have unique products which serve practical needs using AI. You can enjoy the latest security and greatest productivity without worrying about updating hardware.

Core Value

Trustworthy :

We value our client’s trust placed in us and we do everything we can to ensure that we honour their commitment.

Transparent :

We are open and honest in our communications.

Result Oriented :

DIYOS® believes in the culture driven by results. That is why more than 250 clients trust us for more than 7 years.

Implemetation Handholding :

Why do we succeed where others failed? Because we truly believe that software is only valuable when our client is able to use it. We provide complete support in implementing the software.

We have a dedicated customer helpline to support our clients.

Vision :

Help our clients to outperform in the market, delight them with unique technovations.

To become the preferred Technology Partner in the field of Web Application Development by providing Reliable Services, assisting our Clients to Outperform and get Delighted.

Mission :

To be a market leader in the field of technology by adopting continuous innovation outlook.

Over the last few decades, Technology has changed the world of Business and accessing Information has become the key factor. So, under this scenario, "Diyos® Infotech has set the Mission to enable People and Companies to maximize their Business Success by delivering Software, Web Applications, with High Quality, Timely Results & Cost-Effectiveness."

DIYOS® is here to STAY. We are a company with a crazy goal of being ALIVE for 100 years. If you want to be part of our journey, come and explore our team culture!